HUA is short for “howl”, in the Náhuatl language because we enjoy shouting out who we are and what to be and transforming ourselves every day.


To express it, we resort to the ancient Nahuatl language: COYOHUA means “howl”, and we took HUA because we enjoy shouting out who we are what we want to be, and transform ourselves every day.

HUA invites us, from our inner, intimate place, to explore ourselves and to be our best version to share it with the world.

And we’ll love it if you become part of this evolution and internal transformation, starting today.

We design HUA out of Mexico City and we proudly share it with the world through tomeless and sustainable garments.

We are greateful that you choose to wear HUA as an expression of self-love and a celebration of who you are, every day.

Let's love, live and laugh, from our hearts to the entire Universe.

Patricia & Siouzana

FOUNDERS In 2014 they founded HUA, a Mexican brand that became something else over the years: a community.

HUA creates clothing and accessories that highlight the natural beauty and sensuality of women.

With HUA´s comfortable and elegant options for everyday life, women can express themselves in a relaxed yet affirming way regardles of the enviroment they are in.

Siouzana and Patricia believe that even if dressing well has its place in our daily lives, what we are and feel inside drives everything else. So HUA, in a simple and effortless way, helps you to shine aesthetically and magnify who you are. . .


HUA endorses alternative social projects to support women and their families by providing different tools to strengthen their self-esteem, finances, and quality of life. HUA trust that its contributions are as important as yours.

Separated and divided we fall. Interconnected and together we all thrive.

Active contributions La Cana Foundation, Cats with a Heart, House of Friendship.

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